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Digitales est un projet du réseau belge ADA / De digitale ontmoetingen kaderen in het Belgisch ADA netwerk / The Digitales project is part of the ADA Belgian network


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- What do cyberfeminists eat? And more importantly, what operating system do they use?
6.12 >> 10:00
Diana Mac Carty, Agent of cultural provocation.
From our daily diets, to our technology, these choices are driven by global networks of power. Trade agreements, transnational corporations, target marketing, etc... play a role in the mostintimate aspects of our daily lives. Freedom is now a byproduct of income. We'll explore how to make informed decisions and take action! So bring a banana (or preferred fruit!) and learn how to install linux (or see why you don't have to!).

- Diversity in websites : accessibility, personification and gender
4.12 >> 9:00 - 1 x 90' -
Laurence Claeys, Steunpunt Gelijke Kansen
The Internet and the hypertext make it possible to provide information which takes account of the diversity of the public and of male/female users and diversity can be present both in the technology used and in the contents. Do we make most of these possibilities?

- Beyond the Headlines: How do Web-based Alternatives Challenge Corporate News?
4.12 >> 13:30 - 1x 90' -
Dr. Megan Boler, Associate Professor, Department of Teaching and Learning Women's Studies and Science and Technology Studies >http://courseware.vt.edu/users/mboler/-
Critical Media Literacy in Times of War http://www.tandl.vt.edu/Foundations/mediaproject
Diversity Resources Center Searchable Database Education and Social Justice

- Gender and ICT : digital divide in Flanders
5.12 >> 11:00 - 1 x 90'-
Agnetha Broos is a PhD research assistant at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.
An analysis of the digital divide between women and men, the latter more experienced and 'positive' with information technology, as well as the gap noted between the girls and the boys who grew up together in the new information society. Based on a quantitative and qualitative survey in Flanders.

- AS/400 Operations Teamleader
5.12 >> 9.00 - 1 x 90’
Fabienne Demeulenaere, IBM & Marianne Leglay, IBM
Organising operators' work in a highly securised datacenter, where a team of 17 operators relay each other every eight hours in order to monitor over 60 servers all year round, seven days a week. 24 hours a day. Their main tasks: ensure production monitoring and back-ups on cassettes.

- How does Amnesty international use technology and adapt it to women’s rights?
5.12 >> 9:00 - 1 x 90’
Françoise Guillitte, Women’s rights Programme, Amnesty International Francophone Belgium.
Uses of ICT for information, mobilisation and actions.

- Labour and work organisation in the sector of new technologies.
4.12 >> 11:00 - 1 x 90'
Jacqueline Martin, shop steward
Flexibility, information technology, management and gender : Presentation and debate on the reality of labour and work organisation today with examples in pictures (film) on a center call and an experience of "virtual" trade union on the net.
Film : "Pour 300 appels par jour" (For 300 calls per day) - Christophe de Hallivillée, F/1999/VHS/vo.fr./58'.

- New technology, Internet and the law
4.12 >> 9:00 - 1 x 90'
Séverine Dusollier, Lecturer, University Faculties in Namur, Centre of Research on Computer and Law.
The legal environment of a website and digital creation. What position should artists, educationalists, activists, etc, adopt in the debate on the Internet and the Law?

- Presentation of the STIVA project ("STimulering Innovatie Vrouwenstudies Afstandsonderwijs") ("Stimulation of the Innovation in distance learning in Women Studies ")
5.12 >> 11:00 - 1 x 90'
Sara Geets, Women's Studies (Antwerp University)
Data illustrated presentation of the development and teaching of Women Studies distance courses.

- Situation of Linux and free software use in the non-profit making sector, civil service and private commercial companies
5.12 >> 16.00 - 1 x 90'
Oliver Schneider, Arafox: Business department/commercial director
- Presentation of Linux and free software
- Comparative cost analysis
- Which migration plan ?
- Linux and free software : demonstration

- Stereotypes, discrimination, male standard: theory and practice
5/12 >> 16.00 – 1 x 90’
Haesendonck Ilse, Klooster Marlies, Wetenschappelijk Medewerksters, Centrum voor Gelijke-Kansenbeleid van de K.U.Leuven
Confront theory with practice, and hear the experience of persons present in the room as regards school and professional guidance in ICT. With a view to producing tools intended for those involved in training and guidance, this forum is organised in the framework of Electronica, a Federal government project.

- The dreamed bodies of machine-women - Cinematographic memento
6/12 >> 11:00 - 1x90'
From the "female machine" in textile factories to the secretaries tapping on their keyboards in offices, the cinema abounds in women's images associated with machines.

- There's always more than one route to Rome or there's more than one way to skin a cat.....
6.12 >> 11.00 - 1 x 90’
Presentation of "Unraveling Histories", a De Geuzen project and discussion about various research systems, visual forms of expression (digital and tactile) illustrating a variety of points of view. De Geuzen is a foundation which organises exhibitions and education programmes, and has developed its own gender-exploration strategies.

- Time to Hack
5.12 >> 11.00 - 1 x 90’
What is a hacker?
What does hacking mean?
Women hackers
Hacking and Cyberfeminism
Cornelia Sollfrank, She is an artist and a cyberfminist, living in Hamburg, Germany. Central to her conceptual and performative works are the relation between art and politics.

- Various (migrant) women groups in ICT
6.12 >> 10:00 - 1 x 90'
Erna Kotkamp, ICT coordinator of the International Office of Women's Studies in Utrecht, Charlot Pierik, Multicultureel Emancipatie Centrum (Center for multicultural Emancipation Utrecht)
Two projects developed in the Netherlands, bringing together the possibilities of ICT and the Internet, multiculturalism and feminist information. Explanation of the models and the working methods of projects intended to enable women's the organisations and women to be open to and to open these means of communication and information without requiring advanced technical skills.

- Will computer science and information technology go on being gender tainted ?
5.12 >> 14:00 - 1 x 90'
Gérard Valenduc, head of the Research Centre Work & Technology of the Travail-Université Foundation in Namur.
Where do we find the origins of the gender-linked disparities in information and communication technology jobs in Belgium? An analysis which covers education and training, employment and working conditions as well as culture.

- Women's strategies - ICTs and communicating as a political project

5.12 >> 14:00 - 1 x 120’ -
Malin Bjork, Les Pénélopes - Sarah Bracke, The NextGenderation Network.
It is not just access that matters, it is what you do with it !
(what do we want with our presence on the Internet...?)
Women's voices... how can communication and information technologies become a women's mobilisation project, used strategically to strenghten the position of women's views and political projects?

- How can Free Software promote personal freedom and development ?
5/12/02- 2pm
Peter Vandenabeele, CEO of Mind, a company in Leuven, specialized in Embedded Libre Software Development.
I will try to answer following questions:
- What is Free Software (Libre et Gratuit)
- Why use Free Software
- Who uses Free Software
- Who pays for Free Software
- What can you do with Free Software
- How difficult is it to start using Free Software
- What can a basic people support organisation do
to support the use of Free Software

- Verschillende (migranten)vrouwenorganisaties aan en in ICT,
6/12/02- 10am
Project Vrouwendomein Enter
Het project “Vrouwendomein: enter’ sluit aan op de behoefte van vrouwenorganisaties en haar leden-/deelneemsters om de nieuwe mogelijkheden van ICT de benutten.

Project Vrouweninformatievoorziening op het Internet
Een korte presentatie van een project in Nederland dat gericht is om de al bestaande samenwerking van een aantal vrouwenbibliotheken en vrouweninformatie- en documentatiecentra verder uit te breiden naar een gezamenlijke webdatabase.

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