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Antwerpen [ Agenda. pdf ]

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For the web site:nicolelenoir: nicolelenoir@interface3.be
& laurence rassel: info@constantvzw.com
and for the inscriptions :sylvia@interface3.be
sylvia bantuelle

Digitales est un projet du réseau belge ADA / De digitale ontmoetingen kaderen in het Belgisch ADA netwerk / The Digitales project is part of the ADA Belgian network


.: Digitales / Contents :.

DIGITALES >> 3rd edition – 20-23 January 2004

Full days (9am - 9pm) of meetings/participation on work, knowledge, skills, experiences, dreams and questioning. This time of technological and feminist activity and continual exchange could give birth to a virtual network.

The place: : info@digitales-online.org


Format of activities
Neither conference, nor forum, DIGITALES are continuous "work" days (9h-21h) open to the public. From a matrix-place in Brussels (Interface3 ASBL, an autonomous centre for women’s vocational training), DIGITALES settle in other physical and virtual places where several types of activities proceed in parallel :
Practical workshops and technical/media activities :
- discovery, demonstration, acquiring techniques and tools (every morning, sometimes with preliminary preparatory sessions, limited numbers of participants and compulsory registration)
- journalistic and media cover of Digitales, with initiation and comments on techniques and on representation, in a process of self-production and public information (all day, limited numbers of participants and compulsory registration, production on-line in real or deferred time)
>Forums and demonstrations of tools: places of open discussions, demonstration, presentation of projects, of results of research and/or of tool designs with a view of comparing facts and reality of use and needs to figures, comments and analyses (9am-5pm, 90’-120’, 10-25 participants)
>Conferences : academic or theoritical papers
>Associated events: symposium, topical evenings, cultural events or concerts, organised separately or not, taking place at the same time as Digitales, which allow mutual influences in the approach to gender, art, economics, work and community activities in the new technologies.

Practical workshops and technical/media activities
(registration for the full time of the workshop, limited numbers od participants)
- Cybersoda - Special " Tales & illustration" - Nicole Lenoir, Sylvia Bantuelle
- Radio - 4th dimension - Pascale Baïdak
- Feminist Hacklab 'reality hacking' - Montserrat Boix
- Video [1] - Electrodomestic television : the use of a digital video camera - CandidaTV & New Global Vision
- Vidéo [2] - Electrodomestic television : tools to edit and compress - CandidaTV & New Global Vision
- Multimedia reporting of the Digital Days - Indymedia edito team
- Linux Install Party – Interface3 Computer team and ex-trainees
- Sound : In a day -Virginie Jortay, Malin Björk
- <working title>[(#WOMAN|work)]</working title> - Isabelle Massu, Peggy Pierrot
- Radio : reporting - Adeline Weckmans
- Wireless – IF3 Computer section, Réseau Citoyen
- Inside your PC - Help Desk trainees, co-ordination Ghislaine
- Welding (not confirmed)

(best to register)
1. * Digital education and cognitive processes
> Women and Technological Desire - Cornelia Brunner
> Cognition and learning : do women learn IT as well as men? - Isabelle Collet
> Changing lives : the case for women-only vocational training in ICT revisited - wendy Faulkner, Rommes Els, Irma Van Slooten

2.*Results of research and/or tool designs
> ATHENA - Laurence Clayes, Aino-Maija Hiltunen, Erna Kotkamp
> ITCs: a challenge for men and women - Marlies Klooster-Ilse Haesendonck - Elisabeth Dumont
> L'organisation du travail dans les TIC, des difficultés particulières pour les femmes- Caroline Guffens
> Bases of website management via UpCase and PostNuke - Oliver Schneider
> Newtonia (not confirmed)

3. Stereotypes, analysis, image deconstruction. Tools of creation and analysis and vision of the Other
> La pensée en réseau - Laboratoire d'Anthropologie sociale, CNRS, Barbara Glowczewski
> Présentation, gestion des archives photographiques et projets de la Fondation Arabe pour l'image (FAI), with films - Tamara Sawaya
> Between Indiana Jane and Laurence Croft: Adressing gender issues in computer games - '' Edeltraup Hanappiegger
> Atelier interactif bilingue sur l'image de la femme et de l'homme dans les publicités et les magazines ICT - Universiteit Antwerpen - Corine Van Hellemont
> Genderfactfiles (exhibition)- Sara S'Jegers
> Gender-assessment van audiovisuele mediaproducten: het instrument MEER (Media Emancipatie Effect Rapportage), '' Katrien Lefever
> Voir ou ne pas voir… les corps virtuels - lectures d'images cinématographiques - Muriel Andrin
> Logiciels libres de d'édition, de création, de production audiovisuelles - La Ménagerie - Mammique

4 *Autonomy, self-management and self-organisation. New jobs and ways of working. Social Rights
> Comment se "retrouver" après un licenciement collectif et sur qui compter?, Marie-Gisèle Chevalier
> "Hands across the divide" with email in Cyprus- Cynthia Cockburn, and 2 members of " Hands Across the Divide".
> Histoire des " Femmes en noir " Yolanda Rouillier
> 30 ans de collectif d'alphabétisation - Lire et Ecrire, Catherine Stercq
> Plan social et réinsertion des femmes, Estelle Kreszlo
> NICC, Yasmina Kherbache -Advocaat-Avocat (to be confirmed)
> Strategic Outsourcing/Service Delivery IBM, AS/400 Engineers IBM
> Laboratorio de Trabajadoras: Precarias a la deriva
> Intellos Précaires, Anne et Marine Rambach

5. *Means of Information: "Don't hate the media, be the media!"
> Hacklab feministe ‘reality hacking’, Montserrat Boix
> Reality Fiction : Les visions de la réalité - Candida TV
> Partage vidéo ‘peer-to-peer ‘ : du v2v à HighNoon” CandidaTV & New Global Vision
> How and why women take control of the media and the digital space ?, European Media(h)ac(k)tivists(coordinated by Lize De Clercq)

6. *Media Art:Htmlles forums
> Femmes au travail pour changer le monde, et comment! - Cybersolidaires, Nicole Nepton
> Supersonic Storytelling, Alexis O'Hara
> I8U
> L1001S, Pascale Malaterre
> Balkan Mediations, Tamara Vukov

Forum *Hospitality, memory & archives
> Hospitality, memory & archives
> Best Work Place
> Htmlles
> ADA Evening
> Symposium Gender & ICT

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> Antwerpen

>> Préparation de l'Atelier Cybersoda - spécial " conte illustré" <<

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>> Atelier Cybersoda - spécial " conte illustré" - <<

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>> Indymedia : Reportage multimédia des journées Digitales

Digitales 3ème édition -Appel à contribution-Racontez les histoires* des femmes et des technologies-

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Digitales >> Corpus <<

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