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Digitales est un projet du réseau belge ADA / De digitale ontmoetingen kaderen in het Belgisch ADA netwerk / The Digitales project is part of the ADA Belgian network


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- ‘Using’ applications in office work: Stories about gender-technology relations
6.12 >>15 :00 - 1 x 60' -
Linda Stepulevage, Senior lecturer in the Department of Innovation Studies, and teaches on interdisciplinary degree programmes, University of East London.
This paper takes the term ‘using’ and attempts to trace its various meanings in the context of computer-based office work. The author draws on stories from three different periods of time in her relationship with computer applications to illustrate ‘use’ by women office workers.

- Le genre ignoré de la santé au travail
4.12 >>19:00 - 1 x 1.30'-
Laurent Vogel,Chercheur au Bureau Technique Syndical
La plupart des enquêtes indiquent que les femmes tendent à être sur-exposées à des phénomènes qui ne peuvent pas être traitées comme des dysfonctionnements de l'organisation productive. Ils sont, au contraire, directement liées à l'intensité du travail et à son organisation hiérarchique. Par ailleurs, la prise en compte de la dimension de genre implique aussi qu'il soit tenu compte du rapport entre le travail rémunéré et le travail non rémunéré. Enfin, le rapport étroit entre les conditions de travail et les rôles stéréotypés débouche sur une analyse critique de la construction du masculin (ou de la virilité) et du féminin.

- Hostages to Hospitality: The Case of Undercurrents
5/12/02- 6:30pm -1 x 60’-
Even today, after so many decades of discussing it, those, who see ourselves as involved in 'practice' of art and politics, still negotiating value we are ready to give to 'theory', not to say 'philosophy'. Reverse is as well happening: those who think we are in 'high' theory, do not see our own exploitation of others' corporeal politics and radical philosophy. Love for each other's thought, this carnal passion for the complex and for wonder, has to be distinguished from academic conventions of theory, abstract conceptions of the other, and from jargon of smartness. We have to be able to face each other, even though why 'have'? We ARE facing each other, every day, whether we like it or not.
Irina Aristarkhova, Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, University Scholars Programme & The School of Computing

- Globalization and women's networks
5.12 >>20:00 -1 x 6O’ -
Maria Fernandez, Department of the History of Art, Cornell University.
This presentation will focus on specific aspects of globalization,
especially as they effect women's social environments. Issues of
subjectivity, collaboration, difference and contestation will be addressed
in connection to both previous conceptual schemas and present possibilities
for sociability and interaction.

- Foreign Bodies
4.12 >> 19:00 -1 x 90’-
mervin Jarman have been many things including a Community Art Activist, an Interactive Multimedia Designer, Human Computer Interface expert, a member of the Mongrel Collective, and founder of IANI Media
Mongrel is a mixed bunch of people, machines and intelligence working to celebrate the methods of London/Global street culture(mongrelSTREET). We make socially engaged culture, which sometimes means making art, sometimes software, sometimes setting up workshops, or helping other mongrels to set things up.
Mongrels make art about ourselves or about the life and thinking of people we meet.

- Crossing Boundaries, Building Bridges
6.12 >>14 :00 - 1 x 60’ -
In this lecture, Oldenziel will provide historical and concrete examples to
show how gender and technology shape each other in multiple ways.

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