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.: Event*ADA evening :.

ADA evening programme, Women and New technologies
>> 22/01/04 - 18.00 - Amazone A017
-Result of the research on “ images of women and men in ICTs magazines ” with Corine Van Hellemont et Elena Lanzoni. Is the idea that we have of IT magazines, i.e. that consciously or unconsciously they are above all aimed at men, justified ? Is it true that women appear in them only on account of their looks and hardly at all of their professional ability ? ADA gives an answer. ADA has made a survey of images of women in the specialised IT press in Belgium, Datanews, Computer Magazine, netCetera, PC World Belgium, Inside Internet et Network & Telecom, classifying images of women, in advertising and elsewhere, in certain categories. A total of almost 100 magazines and more than 3 000 men and women in photographs have been examined.
- "Computing : where are the women ? - Prize giving for the competition to create a mascotte for “ ADA women and New technologies ” site web: ADA
From video games and the stereotyped computer scientist, to the type of representation in IT products and services communication in the media, images associated to ITCs seem to be addressing men rather than women ? How do we react to that ? The competition to create a mascotte for “ADA - Women and New technologies” is calling on new designers and anyone wanting to be part of the debate by producing concrete proposals : positive andnon-discriminating images of women in ITCs. Prize giving for the ADA mascotte competition will close the evening started with analysis of images in IT magazines in Belgium…. A positive note and a series of images aiming at filling a gap in IT imagination.
-Projection of the film about Ada Lovelace , the first woman programmer, ‘Conceiving Ada’ made by Lynn Herschman - (in English, no subtitle)- website Conceiving Ada
>> Conceiving Ada concerns the obsession of one contemporary hacker, Emmy (Francesca Faridany), obsessed with inventing a mechanism that will enable her to enter the past and make direct contact with Lovelace, her object of fascination. She's on a rescue mission: to connect with Ada and access her knowledge before her premature death obliterates the legacy. Hershman Leeson is up to the task, from the virtual sets which the actors inhabit with digital ease to the ingenious casting that incorporates everyone from John Perry Barlow to the late Timothy Leary (who makes a damn fine oracle). Has there ever been a film so joyously about women, knowledge, and mastery? And it's even fun.

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